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Established in 2008, Nanotech Marketing is an importer and irrigation engineering firm specializing in fustigation system. Based in Malaysia and Singapore, the firm has a reputation for its high quality fertilizers that improve soil health and promote healthy plant growth with the lowest cost possible. Our fertilizers are mainly organic and environmental friendly which is certainly safe to use in larger scales. As our slogan is “Grow Swiftly, Eat Healthy!”

Since the birth of the firm, we have been dealing with clients from diverse sectors such as farms, palm estates, botanical gardens and golf courses.  Nanotech manufactures and supplies not only to the locally but to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asia countries. Renowned suppliers in Europe such as Estonia, Italy and Germany are also importing from us. Most importantly, all fertigation products are tested and approved by MARDI.


Nanotech strongly believes in product innovation and thus is always striving to improve its process in order to provide higher quality fertilizers to its consumers. Following several years of hard work and effort from our expert engineers, Nanotech has successfully come out with its own formula called the BPA Fertilizer. This fertilizer is completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals that will kill micro-organisms in the soil. Its greatest improvement is that it enhances plants resistance towards certain diseases and it does not exude any unwanted foul smell. With this in mind, Nanotech has proven its great potential for further research and development opportunities.